Full Digital Transformation of your site

A Google Maps like Digital Twin

Improve your operational efficiency with our trusted and secure cross-platform solution, with features for your industry-specific needs.

A Google Maps like Digital Twin

Improve your operational efficiency with our trusted and secure cross-platform solution, with features for your industry-specific needs.

PlantQuest is security-tested and approved for global deployments with the world’s largest Life Science organizations, ensuring that our platform meets the highest standards of data protection and integrity.

PlantQuest allows you to get the insights into your facility's operations allowing you to make safer, quicker and more efficient decisions.


Ergonomic Facility Maps

Using your existing site layout drawings or BIM, PlantQuest generates ergonomic maps of your facility.

Interactive Maps

Empower workers to interact with their facility like never before, receiving the context and information needed for swift and effective decision-making.


Visualize your data within the context of where its generated. Overlay and view assets (fixed and mobile), alarms, area classifications, work orders, permits, IoT data, and more within the context of one another.

Real-Time Responsiveness

Watch your maps update in real time as the underlying data in your system changes. Be it asset locations, alarms, permits or IoT data.

Locate Assets & Alarms

Locate by Tags

Locate any fixed or mobile asset or alarm across your facility by simply inputting its tag, revealing its precise location and corresponding metadata.

Search with Filters

Apply custom filters to view the locations and metadata of multiple assets, alarms, and work orders, streamlining the planning and execution of work scopes.

Search by Room/Area

Search by room name or number to display all related assets, alarms, or operational information, providing users with the ultimate context when planning work.

Accelerate Response Times

Receive asset notifications and alerts indicating an assets status and location. Receive notifications by mail, push notifications, in app alerts, or map updates.

Work Packs


Facilitate complex work scope planning using PlantQuest work packs, which allow users to build and visualize locations of intricate activities for efficient work execution.


Share work packs between team members & contractors helping to reduce the time it takes to complete tasks, whilst removing the need for escorting new contractors and workers.


Enable colleagues and contractors to contribute to work packs, fostering effective collaboration and expediting work completion while keeping everyone informed.

Execute & Print

Print maps with pins representing specific rooms/assets or send work packs to a field tablet, guiding workers throughout the facility.

EHS Management

Alarm Notification

Instantly inform relevant personnel of the exact location of any alarming device through desktop notifications, emails with maps identifying alarm locations, or field tablets, helping to reduce response times.

EHS Equipment

Visualize all EHS equipment across your facility with PlantQuest, ensuring emergency responders can locate the nearest safety equipment before arriving at an incident scene.

Area Notifications

Provide safety-related information when locating and navigating to any room/asset ahead of time, granting new recruits and workers continuous access to EHS information regarding area types, operations, and navigation.

Emergency Routing

Ensure all workers know where there closest emergency exit is from any location across your facility. Ensure workers are made aware of these, and other saftey concerns throughout their facility during induction, helping to comply with regulatory and insurance procedures.

3D Models


Expose your BIM data to all facility workers using PlantQuest without the need for processor-intensive modeling applications.


Create connections between your BIM and existing facility systems such as CMMS, BMS, CAFM, or ERP with the PlantQuest platform.

2D to 3D

Experience Google Maps and Google Street View-like functionality! Locate any asset on your 2D PlantQuest map and switch between a 3D environment for the ultimate visual context.


Empower workers to contribute to your 3D Models using our field and desktop survey tools, adding or updating asset tags and creating new properties for your BIM and 360° imagery.


Asset Logging

Utilize the PlantQuest field survey tool to record asset location, metadata, photos, and notes in the field enriching existing asset information with your CMMS, ERP, BMS or Calibration systems.

Asset Verify

Ensure accurate asset positions in the field, keeping all facility systems aligned and up-to-date.

Asset Management

Add, archive, and update asset positions and related metadata post-deployment, maintaining an up-to-date solution.

Audit Trail

Access a fully searchable, chronological audit trail for all asset updates, providing complete traceability.

Equip your workforce with the tools they need to execute tasks efficiently and safely!

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