Helping You To Produce More Product

Optimise your production output to meet demand more effectively, boosting your bottom line.

PlantQuest is security-tested and approved for global deployments with the world’s largest Life Science organizations, ensuring that our platform meets the highest standards of data protection and integrity.

Full Digital Transformation of your site

Helping You To Produce More Product

Optimise your production output to meet demand more effectively, boosting your bottom line.

Gain a deeper understanding of shop floor operations through the visualisation of operations, whilst tracking batches & equipment allowing for an increase in production capacity

Understand the Movement of Equipment & Batches

Track, measure and manage your assets and materials on the shop floor. Optimise equipment usage to increase production.

Tracking the movement of batches & assets
Operation teams are using PlantQuest to track Totes, Single Use Mixers, IBC's, Production Kits, Peristaltic Pumps, Tubing, and more.
View the real-time location of assets & batches on an interactive facility map allowing enhanced decision-making.
Receive alerts when assets & batches sit idle for a specific time, or enter/leave specific rooms, areas and production zones.
Associate batches with equipment allowing you to track and visualise their journey throughout the production process.

Optimise Production Planning & Execution

Combine data from disparate systems allowing for a OneView of your operations and a more efficient production process.

Optimize production planning and execution
View your complex MES information with context. View the status and location of batches with a single search.
Identify bottlenecks, predict downtime, and stay up to date with your real-time shop floor operations.
Optimise the positioning of production equipment, allowing for increased output without acquiring additional equipment.
Remove waiting times and prevent repeated cleaning cycles of totes, IBCs, and other production equipment allowing for increased capacity.

Do What You Do Best, Produce Product!

Remove the requirement for critical tacit knowledge, allowing you to spend less time locating assets, and more time producing product

pharmaceutical production technitian
Protect your operations from worker turnover by creating a repository of asset information accessible to all site workers.
Level the playing field, ensure every worker has access to the information they need, such as an asset location and facility layout
Reduce the time it takes to plan and execute production tasks, allowing for less downtime and more up-time.
Use PlantQuest as a front end to your complex systems. Simplify and visualise complex data allowing for actionable insights.

Solutions for all Environments

PlantQuest has software & hardware solutions for all environments. Allowing you to capture data in Clean-rooms, Hazardous Areas and High/Low temperature conditions

pharmaceutical clean room
Offering WirePas and WIFI tracking technologies, PlantQuest allows you to leverage an existing WIFI network, or deploy a mesh network independent of any IT/OT infrastructure
Working with our industry partners, PlantQuest offers a suite of hardware devices suitable for a wide range of environments, allowing you to track assets throughout your production process
Deployed across brownfield and greenfield facilities, PlantQuest allows you to visualise your full production  suite, viewing it in a single platform

Adopted by world-leading pharmaceutical facilities, PlantQuest are trusted to transform production operations and increase capacity

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