Bringing Visual Context to Asset Workflows Through PlantQuests' Mapping SDK

Pfizer Sanford North Carolina USA


Sanford, North Carolina

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Multi-product Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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Internal Product for Asset Tracking & Management

PlantQuest has partnered with a world leading pharmaceutical facility to resolve challenges in mobile asset management. By integrating PlantQuest’s cutting-edge asset mapping technology into the client's existing product stack, PlantQuest has helped to streamline the client's operations.

Across our client's manufacturing operations, inefficient tracking of mobile assets was leading to significant production delays, work execution, and operational inefficiencies. Additionally, the unique needs of each facility required tailored solutions that could adapt to each sites unique challenges. Among the primary objectives were for users to search and locate mobile assets in real-time, receive alerts for asset status, and enable data-driven planning based on historical asset movement.

The Challenge

The Client had the following requirements:

The Solution

PlantQuest delivered a solution that seamlessly integrated into the existing product infrastructure, utilizing a sophisticated data model that included 6 levels across 10 buildings. This allowed for a comprehensive and hierarchical view of the facility's assets, with features such as real-time asset visualization, quick loading of over 5,000 assets at a time, dynamic alerts for asset status and alarms, heat mapping, and historical movement analysis. Customization was at the forefront, enabling the client to tailor the solution to their unique operational needs. The SDK's flexibility facilitated a streamlined process, significantly reducing code complexity and enhancing the scalability of the system.

Project Timeline

The project kicked off in Q1 2023, and within just three months, PlantQuest had completed system setup, facility mapping, integration, and testing. This rapid deployment underscored the SDK's agility and the efficiency of PlantQuest's support team. Ongoing support and monthly updates ensure that the solution remains cutting-edge, and continually refined based on client feedback and the evolving landscape of Industry 4.0 technologies.

The Outcome

The outcome of this collaboration was transformative. The integration of PlantQuest's Mapping SDK revolutionized asset management at the site, enabling zero wasted time in locating assets and providing unprecedented visibility into asset movements.

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