Prevent Evacuations & Improve Business Continuity

Allow first responders to quickly identify, locate & navigate to any alarm

PlantQuest is security-tested and approved for global deployments with the world’s largest Life Science organizations, ensuring that our platform meets the highest standards of data protection and integrity.

Full Digital Transformation of your site

Prevent Evacuations & Improve Business Continuity

Allow first responders to quickly identify, locate & navigate to an alarm

"We have not had an unnecessary evacuation since adopting PlantQuest over two years ago"

Reduce Alarm Response Times

Ensure all responders and technicians arrive at the scene of an alarm quickly and efficiently

Eliminate the need to search through drawings
Remove the need to interoperate GUIs and fire systems
Guide responders on the quickest and safest route possible
Provide responders with accurate information at the right time
Offer desktop and tablet alarm notifications with precise alarm locations
PlantQuest can be used across the entirety of your site removing the need to install telecom infrastructure
Be assured you are guided on the safest and optimal route throughout your facility
Prioritise predefined routes or avoid certain areas such as ATEX, Clean Room, PTW areas, etc
Be informed before departure of critical information required to reach your destination
Ensure workers know, and can locate their closest EHS assets ahead of arriving at an alarm

Improve Outcomes

Safeguard people, plant, and production with PlantQuest, increasing site safety and reducing costs

Save time, minimising downtime and maximising output
Remove unnecessary evacuations and delays in response
Ensure all workers know the quickest path to their emergency exits
Identify the nearest EHS equipment to your destination before arrival

Make Informed Decisions with Context

Visualise all your safety systems in a single view, unlocking value and providing the context you need to run a safer facility

Integrate your Fire, Lone Worker, PTW, and other safety systems
Visually view all facility operations on one platform understanding the full safety impact of every decision
Examine all EHS equipment, determining if you have adequate coverage in specific areas

PlantQuest is designed to enhance the safety of your site, from reducing alarm response times to making more informed decisions across all EHS workflows.

Empower all workers, from the boardroom to the plant room, to act in the safest manner possible.

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