Reduce Your Maintenance Backlog

Give your asset management teams the tools they need to work more efficiently and execute more tasks in less time.

PlantQuest is security-tested and approved for global deployments with the world’s largest Life Science organizations, ensuring that our platform meets the highest standards of data protection and integrity.

Full Digital Transformation of your site

Reduce Your Maintenance Backlog

Give your asset management teams the tools they need to work more efficiently and execute more tasks.

The PlantQuest platform allows workers to instantly locate every concerning asset and its data across the facility saving workers thousands of hours per year.

Accelerate Maintenance Execution

Enable workers to instantly locate any asset and navigate to it within the facility promptly and safely.

Maintenance Execution Tools
Optimise resources & save countless hours per week, increasing your teams output
Reduce your maintenance backlog, whilst reducing your Mean Time to Repair
Geo-optimise the planning and scheduling of work ensuring the use of equipment and its operators is maximised

Unlock the Potential of Your Existing Systems

Enhance the power of your existing CMMS, BMS, ERP, BIM, EHS, CAFM or other systems by integrating PlantQuest for visual context.

Unlocking CMMS BMS data
Display your systems information with context
Layer system data for complex decision making
Bring location intelligence to your existing data and systems
Achieve true alignment between your systems

Complete Routine Tasks in a Fraction of the Time

Reduce the time spent on routine tasks by providing users with the optimal route to multiple assets and rooms allowing new workers to be just as productive as the longest serving worker. Our customers use PlantQuest for:

Asset Location
P&ID Walk Downs
Bund Inspections
System Walk Downs
Mechanical Isolations
Monthly Safety Checks

Integrate & Access your 3D Models

Allow workers to view BIM data in PlantQuest’s lightweight portal on any device.

Integrate & Access your 3D Models
Seamlessly transition between PlantQuest 2D maps and a 3D environment for enhanced context
Create true alignment between BIM data and existing systems, unlocking insights and context not previously possible
Empower workers to contribute to BIM data from the field
Enjoy quick-loading, optimised 3D models accessible to all workers

View, Plan, Act

Leverage PlantQuest to plan and schedule maintenance, shutdowns, and production operations.

Enterprise Asset Management Tools
Geo-optimise your sites operations
Increase production output
Expedite maintenance and shutdown activities
Identify simultaneous operations
Expose data from external systems to allow for smart planning decisions

PlantQuest is designed to help you locate assets and data effortlessly, saving thousands of hours annually.

Because in today’s age, nobody should be wasting time locating assets and executing work.

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