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Enhance outcomes across your facility so that you can improve worker output, business continuity and produce more product

PlantQuest is security-tested and approved for global deployments with the world’s largest Life Science organizations, ensuring that our platform meets the highest standards of data protection and integrity.

Full Digital Transformation of your site

View - Plan - Act

Enhance outcomes across your facility so that you can improve worker output, business continuity and produce more product

Boost Operational Effeciency

PlantQuest’s platform empowers leading Life Science facilities to improve their operational efficiency.

By leveraging existing data sources and integrating location intelligence, PlantQuest offers clients context and clarity to address their facility’s most significant challenges.
  • Utilise existing systems for smarter decisions and insights
  • Reduce alarm response times by up to 75%
  • Locate & optimise mobile production equipment helping to increase production output
  • Save thousands of hours locating assets and executing work
  • Expose insights and data to all workers, enabling impactful decision-making
  • Improve your facility’s financial performance by increasing output and reducing downtime/evacuations

Informed Workforce

The 2D digital twin provides a comprehensive view of your facility, ensuring all workers have access to the information they need in a legible format.

PlantQuest fosters a more connected and aligned operation by enabling workers to contribute and share critical information within the context of their surroundings.
  • Provide workers with the information required to make more informed and safer decisions
  • Offer a Google Maps and Google Street View experience
  • Facilitate sharing of essential tacit knowledge among all workers
  • Facilitate timely and comprehensible access of up-to-date information for all employees
  • Encourage collaboration and information sharing for workers with diverse profiles
  • Gain insights into the historical movment, and utilisation of mobile assets

Enhanced Safety

PlantQuest's way-finding technology swiftly locates and guides first responders and technicians to all alarming devices, safeguarding people, plant, and production by pre-emptively providing the nearest safety equipment location.
  • Reduce emergency response times by up to 75%
  • Integrate with fire, telecoms, lone worker and other safety systems
  • Ensure all workers navigate their workplace safely
  • Empower workers to make safer decisions with access to additional context and real time information
  • Ensure all workers are always aware of their primary and secondary emergency exists, no matter their location


Unleash the full potential of your CMMS, BMS, BIM, Energy, Telecoms, and other systems with PlantQuest, enhancing your data by providing visual context and unlocking its inherent value.

Enable workers to gain valuable insights by aligning and seamlessly integrating multiple data sources, providing a consolidated view.
  • Create true alignment between your systems
  • Empower front line workers by unlocking previously inaccessible data and valuable insights from existing systems
  • Present asset information visually, offering workers the necessary context for better understanding
  • Utilise the facility-specific PlantQuest navigation engine to transform alarm response and task execution

Expedite Onboarding

PlantQuest safeguards your facility from losing valuable information during times of change.

Build a repository of asset information, enabling the sharing of high-value insights among all workers.
  • Enable worker productivity from day 1
  • Eliminate the need to escort contractors
  • Ensure access to up-to-date information for all workers in an accessible manner
  • Deliver a digital experience that matches workers’ experiences outside of work
  • Create a repository of asset information accessible to all workers

Green & Brownfield Digitisation

PlantQuest is designed for deployment across various facilities, from legacy brownfield sites to cutting-edge greenfield sites.

Leverage your BIM and other existing data sources, while benefiting from tablet applications that require no signal or infrastructure, reducing deployment times and costs.
  • Leverage existing data sources (from BIM to layout drawings)
  • Contribute to existing data sources using field survey tools
  • Utilise your BIM, CMMS, BMS, and other systems
  • Signal-free functionality
  • Scalable and modularised

Elevate your solution & technology with an industry-leading and focused mapping SDK that brings visual context to your operations.

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