Surveying & Mapping the location of critical EHS Assets

Surveying & Mapping the location of critical EHS Assets


Leinster, Ireland

Facility Type

Pharmaceutical Production

Facility Size

110,000 sq. mt.

Assets Surveyed


Project Duration

5 Days

In a significant project undertaken in Leinster, Ireland, PlantQuest dramatically improved the management of EHS assets for a large pharmaceutical facility employing over 1,200 workers. Spread across 12 buildings and 6 levels, the facility faced considerable challenges in managing such critical assets.

The Challenge

  1. Implement a visual mapping solution for over 2,000 critical EHS assets, including but not limited to fire extinguishers, safety showers, eye wash stations, and defibrillators, to improve identification of areas with inadequate or excessive coverage.
  2. Develop an easy-to-use system for conducting monthly regulatory checks of fire extinguishers to reduce dependency on specialized independent contractors.
  3. Create a training program for in-house staff to understand and manage the site's EHS assets, diminishing the bargaining power of external contractors during contract negotiations.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive asset mapping solution, PlantQuest was tasked as an independent contractor to survey and map the location of over 2,000 assets due to their extensive knowledge and experience in doing so. Within a week, our technicians surveyed and mapped all critical assets, integrating this data with the site's existing facility maps to include detailed information such as room and area types. By adopting PlantQuest's multi-asset navigation tool, the facility's EHS and engineering teams revolutionized their GEMBA walks and system checks, significantly reducing the time and resources previously required for these tasks.

The Outcome

The implementation of PlantQuest's solutions has brought about significant improvements in the facility's environmental, health, and safety (EHS) protocols. Here are the key positive outcomes achieved:

  1. Enhanced visual identification and gap analysis in asset coverage by the EHS team.
  2. Reduction in the time required for monthly fire extinguisher checks from 2-3 days to just one day.
  3. Improved resource allocation and operational efficiency within the facility.
  4. Strengthened overall safety and compliance with regulatory standards.
  5. Transformation of the facility's approach to asset management, prioritizing safety and efficiency.
  6. Establishment of new standards in industrial asset management through innovative solutions.

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