Bringing Visual Context to the BMS & CMMS of Production Facility

J&J Vision Care Limerick Ireland


Limerick, Ireland

The Facility

Contact Lens Manufacturing facility with 133,000 sq. mt. of internal floor space

Systems & Info Visulised

CMMS, BMS, and Data in existing drawings & excel

Project Length

3 Months

At a state-of-the-art contact lens manufacturing facility in Limerick, Ireland, encompassing 133,000 square meters and two main levels, PlantQuest has revolutionised facility and maintenance operations. By bringing visual context to and leveraging the data from within the site's BMS and CMMS, along with the data within existing drawings, schematics and Excell, the process of work planning and execution has been significantly optimised.

The Challenge

Before PlantQuest the facility struggled with inefficiencies in locating assets for maintenance/routine tasks, and responding to system alarms, causing delays in operations, contractors spending additional time on-site, and large delays in work execution by the facilities and maintenance team.

Need for Change: The site required a solution to bring together disparate systems, including their Maximo CMMS and Schneider BMS, within a common platform for visualization and response to streamline maintenance workflows.

The Solution

Digital Integration: PlantQuest's platform visualized data from the facility's CMMS and BMS, providing instant data access and eliminating delays in asset and alarm management.

Interactive Experience:  A total of 880 rooms were digitized on an interactive 2D map alowing users to interact with their facility and assets like never before. Alams from the BMS were made actionable with real-time alerts, guiding users directly to the affected location. A Google Street View-like experience in plant rooms further enhanced the technician's ability to navigate between 2D maps and 3D environments, streamlining asset interaction.

OneView Platform: The integration with assets from the site's CMMS into PlantQuest resulted in a unified "OneView" of facility operations, drastically simplifying operational management within a user-friendly platform. The customer leveraged a combination of field surveys using the PlantQuest field survey tool, existing drawings and schematics, and previously created documentation by site technicians.

The Outcome

Collaborative Effort: The project, spanning a focused three months, was a collaborative endeavor involving the facility’s team, IT, and the organisations' global asset management team, ensuring a comprehensive execution.

Efficiency Gains: The introduction of PlantQuest's mapping technology enabled a 55% reduction in time spent on weekly tasks, translating into zero time wasted in locating and navigating to assets.

Knowledge Control: The site took control of their critical tacit knowledge by taking it out of the heads of a few selected workers, and made it accessible to all workers protecting themselves from worker turnover, contractor bargaining power, and expediting the training of new hires.

Strategic Outcome: With enhanced visualization and streamlined workflows, the facility not only increased its operational efficiency but also established a robust framework for ongoing process optimisation and future advancements.

The success of this project with PlantQuest underscores the significant value of integrating advanced visualization technologies in traditional facility management systems, setting a benchmark for operational excellence in the manufacturing industry.

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