Maintenance & Facilities

The PlantQuest platform allows workers to instantly location of every concerning asset and its data across the facility saving facilities and maintenance teams thousands of hours per year.

  • Save 1,000’s of hours per year locating assets and executing tasks.
  • Unlock Value within Your Existing Systems.
  • Complete Routine Tasks in a Fraction of the Time.
  • Utilise your existing systems.
  • Geo-Optimise your Operations.
Safety & Emergency Response

Current customers report up to a 75% reduction in emergency response times, making the PlantQuest ERT solution an essential tool in their training and emergency response operations.

  • Reduce emergency response times by up to 75%.
  • Signal-free tablet navigation.
  • Prevent evacuations and downtimes.
  • Create a safer workplace for workers.
Training & Knowledge Retention

The PlantQuest platform expedites training times and increases worker awareness, eliminating the need to escort contractors around your site while enabling new recruits to be productive from day one.

  • Build a repository of site information shared among all site workers.
  • Protect your facility and tacit knowledge during times of change.
  • Enable workers to safely navigate your site from day one.
  • Provide the context workers need to be productive.
  • Deliver a digital experience at work that mirrors workers’ experiences outside work.
3D Models

PlantQuest offers a Google Maps to Google Street View-like platform that grants every worker access to BIM information or 360° imagery through their optimized viewer.

  • PlantQuest integrates with your BIM & 360° imagery.
  • Connect existing facility systems to your 3D model or 360° images (CMMS, BMS, ERP, etc.).
  • Enhance visual depth in planning and scheduling activities.
  • Make your 3D models accessible to all workers within your facility.
Admin Portal

PlantQuest has a number of tools and workflows that allows for asset data input and management which can be done both in the field or the office.

  • Capture a range of asset data points from asset location, Tag ID, serial number, range and asset photographs amongst others.
  • Manage user views and controls with a range of user access levels.
  • View a full chronological change log of all asset history.
  • Manage your devices in the field. From tablets using the PlantQuest mobile application, to tags used for mobile asset tracking.